1. The Exhibitor Appointed Contractor will share responsibility, with the Official Contractor, all reasonable costs incurred in connection with his operation, including overtime pay for stewards, security if necessary, restoration of the exhibit hall to its initial condition.
2. The Exhibitor Appointed Contractor will cooperate fully with the Official Contractors and will comply with existing labor regulations or contracts as determined by the commitment made and obligations assumed by Show Management in any contracts with the Official Contractors.
3. The Exhibitor Appointed Contractor will refrain from placing an undue burden on the Official contractors, especially by not interfering in any way with the Official Contractors' work.
4. The organizer will not be liable for any losses, including, without limitation, consequential losses, sustained by exhibitor as a result of this action.
5. All materials and stand fittings must be non-flammable or impregnated with
fire-proofing solution in a way as to comply with all current safety requirements.
6. Electricity & Power connection consumption for all the stand will be provided with double phase electricity for the spotlights. or demand on our contractor.
7. Wood work in the Exhibition Halls is prohibited. platforms / panels and other decorations for the interior must be brought in prefabricated condition. only assembly and finishing will be allowed inside the Hall.
8. Spray painting inside the exhibition halls is strictly prohibited.
9. The maximum height of any stand should not exceed 5 meters.
10. Hilton Convention Center Management does not allow hanging objects on the roof.


Exibitors must submit their booth design for exhibition management approval, to make sure the display in within the rules and regulations for booth construction.
your booth plans should include booth number and size, content, dimensions and elevations.


The official exhibition contractor will maintain an Exhibitor Service Desk. All questions regarding services should be brought to their attention. All requests for exhibit set-up and dismantling labor, in-loading and out-loading, must be placed at this desk.

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